Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Best Places To Learn Pottery In Bangalore

If you think your child is creative enough and has the potential to groom even more, then pottery is one of thing your child would love to learn. Learning pottery does not only provide entertainment and fun, it also gives freedom to express, gain in self-confidence, improving motor skills and many more. 

Are you excited and want your child to develop all these skills along with entertainment? No worries, MyCity4Kids has come up with a list, where you will find places to learn pottery in Bangalore. 

Please find the list below – 

  • Clay Station
  • Konsult Art Academy  
  • Gopni  
  • Pottery Town
To get detailed information about these place, visit this blog - click here

Best Prenatal Classes In Mumbai

The parental feeling is one of the sweetest feelings we ever have, but it also comes with many questions and worries for parents.

If you search for your queries online, you will get plenty of answers which confuses you even more. So what the solution is?

My City4Kids has curated a list of best parental classes in Mumbai. These classes have experts who may be doctors or certified childbirth practitioners. These classes will provide you plenty of necessary information, which you will need during pregnancy. 

Feeling excited and want to know more about best parental classes in Mumbai. Read this blog which will give you a lot of interesting information - Best Prenatal Classes In Mumbai

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Best Places To Learn Tennis In Ahmedabad

Outdoor games are not only good for your health; it also helps in gaining confidence. There are plenty of outdoor games and tennis is one of them. Although Cricket is majorly famous in India, but many children don’t like playing cricket. So why not let them learn and enjoy new outdoor game – like tennis.  

There are many benefits of learning tennis, such as coordination, balance, agility, flexibility and most importantly; it may give your child career path.

Do you want to give your child a new career path? My City4Kids has listed out best places to learn tennis in Ahmedabad. Have a look on this blog and get the details here

Thursday, 2 February 2017

Bangalore - A Best Place to Learn Horse Riding

Whenever horse riding is discussed, we reach to the ancient time, where people used to ride horses during the war in their traditional costumes. It was a matter of pride for them those days, but now it has become the matter of skills.

Horse riding comes under adventure sport, which teaches you a lot of things such as balance, increase concentration level and enhance confidence. If you can skill yourself in this sport, there is a huge chance of representing for India in Olympics. Give your child, a new path of a career by choosing best centers for horse riding and Bangalore is one of the best places in India for learning horse riding. To know the best places for horse riding centers, click.